Auto Fabrication Services

Fabrication for Car Restoration & Repair

Trinity Restoration is an auto fabrication shop that specializes in working with metal, aluminum, fiberglass, plastic, and a range of other substrates. We can recreate, design, and build any type of panel and most parts needed for any project.

Automobiles frequently encounter component malfunctions necessitating repair or replacement. However, vintage automobiles are often denied the luxury of readily acquiring factory-standard parts to substitute for their damaged components. Consequently, in the realm of classic car restoration, it becomes imperative to custom-manufacture or fabricate parts that have ceased to be commercially accessible. Hence, metal fabrication emerges as an indispensable facet of any establishment specializing in the restoration of classic vehicles.

The metal fabrication process itself encompasses three primary methodologies: Bending, Beading, and Stamping. Regardless of the specific technique employed, the indispensability of metal fabrication in classic car restoration remains unequivocal. Trinity offers comprehensive metal fabrication services to accommodate any component deficiencies your vintage automobile may possess. Our team of metal fabricators is composed of seasoned professionals with exceptional qualifications, fully capable of fulfilling all of your vehicular replacement requisites.

Uncompromising Quality

Trinity is renowned for delivering nothing short of perfection. We partner with the industry’s leading suppliers to source the finest materials, paints, and parts, ensuring your vehicle receives the highest quality treatment available. Our artisans take pride in their craft, bringing passion and dedication to every project, from classic vintage cars to the latest luxury models.