Auto Body Work

Auto Body Work for Classic Car Restoration and Customization

Trinity Restoration places a high value on each stage of the complete restoration process for your vehicle. This includes all necessary auto body work, such as primer, sealing, block sanding, filler, and more. Our customization services are available to help you achieve the perfect look for your classic car. Our customers trust us because of our attention to detail, transparency, and weekly communication and updates.

Our Bodywork Process:

    • Disassemble and catalog every piece on vehicle
    • Pull body off the frame (under certain circumstances)
    • Media blast and restore frame (under certain circumstances)
    • Media blast or mechanically/chemically strip vehicle
    • Metal repairs of all rust
    • Replace or replate all trim
    • Produce a smooth body end to end
    • Work gaps to perfection

Unparalleled Customer Service:

When you choose Trinity, you become part of an exclusive family of esteemed clientele. Our personalized customer service ensures that your every need is met, and no request is too extravagant. From the moment you step through our doors, you will experience the epitome of luxury automotive care.